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Code These Minecraft Mods (Bedrock Edition)

Design. Mod. Play. Kids can create custom blocks, summon a boss, or build a massive castle in a flash. They may even invent their own minigame! Best of all, these mods run right in your browser, with nothing to install.

Code These Minecraft Mods (Bedrock Edition) eBook

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  • Design, mod, and play 22 Minecraft activites
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • All project assets included

What Kids Will Learn

Pixel Editor: Kids will love using Tynker's friendly pixel editors to customize how Minecraft looks. Design and create custom blocks, items, mobs, and skins.

Code Minecraft Mods: Kids connect code blocks to write short programs (called Mods) that totally change how Minecraft works. Maybe they'll even invent their own minigame!

Start Anywhere: This book is designed to let kids start wherever they like. They can choose a section that sounds interesting and explore it.

Project Collection

Creative programming challenges help kids design and create Minecraft activities! Once kids know the basics of Minecraft Modding, they can add their own flavor by customizing them.


The Block Editor

Learn how to use the Block Editor to create custom blocks.


The Item Editor

Use the Item Editor to create custom items.


The Skin Editor

Create custom skins using the Skin Editor.


The Mob Editor

Learn how to create custom mobs in Tynker.


Modding Basics

Learn the basics of modding through some small projects.


Give Yourself Anything

Give yourself any resource or item! Extend the project to get an enchantment.


Igloo Dweller

Create buildings or perform construction tasks with code.


Grave Marker

Dying in Minecraft is inevitable. Write a mod to build a monument wherever you fall, allowing you to recollect your gear, and commemorate your epic adventure.


Flaming Bow

Want to enchant an item? It's simple. Here's a script to give the player flaming arrows!


Modding Projects

Learn more about modding through making more complex mods.!


Free Fall

Get a birds-eye view of your Minecraft world and learn about relative locations.


Endless Blocks

Use Minecraft data values to "autoreplenish" any block you place.


Raining Cats and Dogs

This goofy program makes it rain cats and dogs—literally! Learn to use randomness in your code and summon mobs.


Summon Boss

Use what you learned to create a custom boss using Tynker's Mob Editor. Then write a program in Tynker Mod Editor to summon it!



Use some TynkerBot magic to build a larger-than-life fish tank!


Minigame Mods

Learn even more about modding through making whole minigames!


Slime Smasher

Write a fun minigame that uses variables to keep score.


Rainbow Pillars

Use lists in your program to create colorful pillars in your Minecraft world!


Golden Railway

Explore functions and ceate a railroad function that takes parameters. Then give yourself a minecart and ride in style.


Hole to the Void

Write a program that burrows deep into your Minecraft world and reaches the void. It's a journey to the center of the earth!


Rainbow Dance Floor

Use nested loops to build your own, random disco dance floor!



Use nested loops to build a real Minecraft classic: The Pyramid!

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