Exploring the New Horizons of Coding with Tynker in 2024

Last Updated: January 8, 2024 1:21 pm
Exploring the New Horizons of Coding with Tynker in 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Tynker’s platform has reached a remarkable milestone: over 100 million students, 150,000 schools, and 160 million apps have been created. Also, in 2023, Tynker was selected as the official coding partner for the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee

Our dedication to innovation is one of our greatest strengths, and we continuously strive to introduce new features that make coding more attractive, user-friendly, and enjoyable for kids, helping them to succeed in a technology-driven world. Let’s look at some of our latest updates that will make coding with Tynker more fun for your kids in 2024!

NEW: Weekly Missions and Rewards

We have introduced new weekly projects to keep young coders engaged and steadily progressing in their abilities. These projects are updated weekly in the student dashboard and offer a variety of challenges and seasonal activities that are thoughtfully curated based on the child’s age, ensuring relevance and age-appropriate learning.

For additional context, our platform features two main activities: 

  • Top Featured Activities for Your Child:
    • Activities that align with your child’s coding journey.
    • Beginner-friendly starter missions to introduce the basics of coding.
    • Evolves with your child’s progress for a personalized learning experience.
  • Weekly Fun with Bottom Cards:
  • Fresh weekly challenges and seasonal activities to keep your child engaged.
  • Updated every week to maintain interest and excitement.
  • Creative opportunities for your child to apply their coding skills in new and thrilling ways.

As kids progress through different coding projects and earn awards, their achievements are tracked, providing a constant sense of accomplishment and a measurable record of their coding journey.

NEW: AI Projects and Courses

Tynker stands out as the only platform offering AI block courses, opening up a unique gateway for kids and educators to the world of Artificial Intelligence. These innovative courses, featuring webcam-enabled, AI-powered projects, are designed to engage young coders. Tynker’s AI system, adept at recognizing hand and finger movements, provides an intuitive and interactive way for children to grasp AI concepts.

  • Comprehensive AI Learning: Covers everything from AI basics to advanced topics like Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
  • Advanced AI Course: For advanced learners, offers in-depth AI programming with JavaScript, including Google’s MediaPipe.
  • Well-Rounded Education: Teaches complex concepts like neural networks and supervised learning, along with the ethical implications of AI.

Tynker also offers a group of AI-enabled projects that use the computer’s webcam for interactive effects and games, such as ‘Tickle Monster’ and ‘Weather Control’. These interactive and engaging resources equip kids with essential coding and AI skills for the future.

NEW: 3+ Kids for All Plans

Tynker now allows up to three children per plan, making it more inclusive and family-friendly. This cost-effective solution simplifies learning for parents and encourages siblings to learn together. Tynker is an ideal choice for a comprehensive home coding and STEM education.

ENHANCED: Character Builder

Tynker’s Character Builder is a tool that lets children explore their creativity by customizing different-sized actors with various animations. Tynker’s Character Builder tool allows children to experiment with animation and create custom animations for unique storylines or jokes, from making a character flip or grow to more complex animations. This tool enhances their coding skills and nurtures their creativity and storytelling abilities. 

  • Fun Character Choices: Exciting characters with animations like running and jumping to spark your child’s game creation and storytelling.
  • Customizable for Creativity: Teen and Kid characters are tailored for different game styles, encouraging your child’s imagination.
  • Simple Animation Tools: Easy-to-use options for kids to animate their unique characters.
  • Playful and Imaginative: ‘Monster’ characters, Rovers, and Dragons offer a world of adventure and creativity for your child.

ENHANCED: Student Dashboard Activities 

Discover 100+ age-specific DIY projects with captivating graphics to inspire creativity. Find coding games, app tutorials, and Minecraft mods in the student dashboard. Our captivating graphics bring each project to life while engaging new activities, sparking curiosity, and fostering hands-on creativity. Experience age-appropriate branding and meet new characters who add magic to learning. Kids can quickly find coding games, app tutorials, and Minecraft mods that appeal to them in their student dashboard. 

ENHANCED: Tynker Community 

Our latest Community update offers improved algorithms for faster project discovery, valuable tips and tricks from seasoned creators, and the ability to connect with top makers. Collaborate easily by friending other makers, sharing ideas, celebrating successes, and receiving instant notifications when someone gives kudos to your child’s project. 

ENHANCED: Tynker Mobile Apps

We are pleased to announce that our mobile platform has been updated with a unified Tynker web and mobile subscription plan. This new plan provides unlimited access to over 5,000 lessons on the web and mobile.

The improved onboarding process and the integration of mobile and web platforms ensure a seamless coding education experience across multiple devices.

ENHANCED: Tynker Minecraft Bedrock

Tynker has integrated its coding curriculum with Minecraft Bedrock, allowing kids to apply their coding skills in an engaging way. Tynker’s courses guide children through coding challenges designed for Minecraft, enhancing their problem-solving and logical thinking abilities. 

COMING SOON! Answer Keys

In our commitment to empowering young learners to become effective problem solvers, Tynker will provide simple answer keys to students who get stuck. This addition ensures that while kids engage with coding challenges, they have the necessary resources to guide them when needed. kids can independently verify their solutions by accessing these keys and better understand the logic behind each answer. This approach encourages self-reliance and critical thinking as students learn to troubleshoot and refine their coding skills, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in their problem-solving abilities.

COMING SOON! Tynker AI Copilot 

We are excited to announce the launch of Tynker Copilot, an innovative AI-powered coding companion explicitly designed for young coders. This feature will revolutionize your child’s coding journey by offering personalized guidance, immediate feedback, and a supportive learning experience. With Tynker CoPilot, your child can confidently tackle coding challenges as the AI technology adjusts to their unique learning style, providing real-time assistance and encouraging independent problem-solving skills. We believe that this new feature will not only make coding more accessible but also enhance your child’s interest in learning and creating with code. 

As the leading platform for teaching kids to code, Tynker excels in educational technology by offering personalized and progressive coding pathways for children of all skill levels. Tynker’s structured curriculum provides an enriching and comprehensive coding education from beginners to those delving into advanced topics like Python. At Tynker, we’re committed to enhancing children’s lives globally with coding education, helping them develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills essential for the future. Join us in exploring the vast possibilities of coding, and thank you for being a valued part of the Tynker community.

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